Random Video: Late Night Cravings

Last Thursday, I went to my sister-in-law’s place to check out her newly renovated commercial/residential building and to translate something for one of her tenants who’s a foreigner. At around 9:00 PM, we were craving for some chicken dish, so we walked around to look for an open store. We thought establishments would be close since it was a holiday but we found this street filled with lots of restaurants/bars and a lot of people eating and drinking outside. It was like a street party!  Then we went brisk walking with 3 doggies to burn some calories. Haha! night cravings

The next night we went back to the same store (Hoolala Chicken Cafe) to have some chicken again! Here are some photos of our late snacks for two consecutive nights. In fairness, they’re sooooo delish! But I think feathers will start growing on my skin soon. Haha! I wish there are some balut here. Back in the Philippines we used to call a balut vendor at night and have a balut buffet party at home. I miss the spicy vinegar sauce!


Too sad there’s no branch of Hoolala Chicken Cafe in our neighborhood. 😦


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