3D Eyebrow 완성!

Five weeks ago, I visited Clinic Gyul to get my eyebrows tattooed. Yeah, I can hear you saying, “What?! Tattoo? That hurts!” Actually, I was never interested in getting my skin inked, but the idea of not having to fill my brows in with makeup every morning had obvious appeal. So I introduced myself to the wondrous world of eyebrow microblading!

Last time, I got  the “make up” eyebrow tattoo to form the brow shape that I want. Today, I got the “natural” eyebrow tattoo to complete the 3D Eyebrow effect. I was told to go back to the clinic for the second procedure 2-3 weeks after the first one. By then, my skin would be completely healed already. However, I didn’t have the time to visit the clinic until today. Oh, Seoul life! Anyway, I made an appointment in advance to avoid delay since I only had a limited time.


The process was just the same. The pretty front desk lady ushered me to the photo room to take some “before” pictures. Then she applied some topical numbing cream on my brows. I asked her to put alot especially on the mid section because it hurt like hell during the first procedure. She just laughed and did so. While waiting for the numbing cream to take effect, I just stayed comfortably in the lounge with some guys and ladies who were also waiting to get inked. To entertain myself, I took selfies with this funny app. I couldn’t stop laughing; for sure they thought I was one crazy ajumma right there. Ahaha!



“Make Up” Eyebrow Tattoo

Here’s a photo of the result of my “make up” eyebrow tattoo (first procedure). This was taken few days ago. The shape was really nice but there were spots that look lighter because of some tiny bald patches.


Basically, make up eyebrow tattoo is done by putting color pigments on the top layer of the skin. It looks like you have eyebrow make up on.

Here’s another photo of my brows in bright lighting. Sometimes I would use an eyebrow pencil to fill the patches in and make the areas look darker.


“Natural” Eyebrow Microblading

Now, here’s a photo of my brows right after the second procedure. You may not see it clearly since the photo isn’t sharp but there are strokes that look like hair clones. It’s so cool! Hehe! I still have to wait for another week for the scabs to form and peel off before I can see the final result though.


Let’s talk about pain!

50a76712de79d3893109475acc8fd1f3Though the second procedure took lesser time (since the contourist focused on the patchy areas only), I felt more pain this time. With make up eyebrow, I could just feel the needles scratching my entire brow area in relatively fast speed. However with natural eyebrow tattoo, the contourist has to carefully make fine incisions one by one using a very thin and sharp blade (micro blade) before putting color pigments to create “real hair” look. It’s done slowly and carefully. With every stroke, I could feel my skin being sliced. Oouuccchhh! I don’t know if my skin is just too sensitive to pain compared to others, but it really hurt a lot that I wanted to scream! And I’m not kidding. Fortunately, I didn’t need that much “natural brow hair” tattoo since the bald spots were just tiny. I doubt if I could endure the pain if my brows were mostly bald. Waaaaahhhhh!

0a5fe2f4422c1dcab548beb4b380931cDespite the pain, I don’t regret doing it. You know, nothing worth having comes easy. I am very happy with my new brows. Finally, I can confidently go out anytime without makeup and without looking like walking Monalisa. Haha! Also, I no longer spend a long time in front of the mirror every morning. Woot!

With this microblading experience, I was able to beautify my brows and learn a lesson as well. If you really want to change your life for the better, you should want it so much that you are willing to give up your old self and ready to endure temporary pain or hardship that comes along with the process. You should go out of your comfort zone and face your fears. The process may not be easy, but the end result is always worth it-a better you, a better life.

Hmmm..too deep for just an eyebrow tattoo? Hehe! 😛


Note: I don’t know if it’s true but I was told that the numbing cream works well if you are in good condition. So try to get a good sleep/rest before your appointment. It doesn’t hurt when you consider it anyway.

You may want to read my previous blog post: Eyebrow Microblading Experience in Seoul

Have a wonderful day and a blessed life! Thank you for visiting! 🙂


19 thoughts on “3D Eyebrow 완성!

  1. Lanie, I did my procedure two days ago (makeup type eyebrows) and now I still feel itching, burning sensation at inner parts of my eyebrows, near the nose (this area gets oily). And the surface of that area looks uneven, as if there were little blisters. The rest of the eyebrows at outer parts looks and feels ok.

    Is it normal?
    Did you apply any ointments or creams on your eyebrows?
    Since they didn’t tell me to use any special ointments, I don’t touch them.


    • Yes the burning, itching sensation is normal. It’s not blister..the scabs are just forming and it is more visible after you wet the area. Then after several days it will get dry and the scabs will fall off. It takes time so be patient. I also had the same discomfort. I really wanted to scratch my eyebrow and peel the scabs because it looked awful. Hehe. Do not try to peel it okay? The result may appear uneven if you do so. I didn’t apply anything. I just tried to avoid getting them wet. For about ten days washing your face is really a challenge. Try not to wear heavy eye makeup so you wont need to wash the eye area. If possible do not wear make up so cleaning your face won’t need much water. I hope this helps.


      • Day 5. My eyebrows are getting quite itchy. The scabs started to crack, but they don’t peel off yet. I applied light grapeseed oil on them to soothe them a little. I’m wondering what color I’ll get under those scabs.


      • Day 9. Around 60% of scabs fell off. In some places skin healed nicely and some spots are reddish. In one spot there’s very little ‘wound’. I hope it heals and the hair grow back in that place. It’s not a big deal but if makes me wonder if performing this procedure every 2 years won’t cause some of hair to fall out…
        I’m also wondering if I should go for ‘hairstroke’ technique (3D) during my touch-up appointment, because I’m afraid it could be invasive and leave potential bald spots where hair won’t regrow.
        What do you think Lanie? How are your eyebrows after your second appointment for 3D eyebrows?


      • 3 weeks after. Everything healed nicely and the ‘semi-perm. tattoo’ looks very natural, like make-up.

        I think I’ll do ‘make-up’ type of procedure again during my touchup, because I’m scared of hair falling out permanently and I’m unsure how the strokes will look like. I’ll do touchup at the beginning of Jan. I’ll try to ask them for a cooler tone, because right now I think the color is a bit too warm.


      • I got my touchup a couple of days ago. So far it’s ok, but one eyebrow shape could be better. This time I came less concerned because the first experience was good.
        Once again I showed picture of the desired shape (caucasian eyebrows). There was a girl who interpreted for me in English which was nice. We had little problem with designing one eyebrow. The eyebrow shape could be better, but I hope it’ll turn out ok after 2 weeks. It turned out a little bit too round and a bit too high. I should have been more persistent in improving the shape during the design step. I’ll come for another touchup if there’s a need.

        My advice (especially for Westerners):
        – the staff probably don’t have much experience in designing Western eyebrows so they need more guidance. They may give you something more in ‘Korean style’ at first.
        – demand the shape you want and accept what you like. Don’t feel rushed.
        – the staff can let you draw your shape if you have problems with getting the desired shape. I should have done that.

        Overall, the experience is ok so far.

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      • It’s been 1 month after touch-up and eyebrows turned out good and very natural (make-up eyebrows). I’d it again there. Color is good. Finally I stopped being worried about eyebrows.
        I still use a bit of eyebrow pencil at the very end of eyebrows and a little at the beginning to improve definition when I’m going out.

        I’m considering doing eyeline (only upper) but I’m scared haha
        I’d have to see someone who has this procedure done.


  2. Hey Lanie. Have your scabs fallen yet after your second procedure? Also, with the way they do them, is this permanent or will they fade away after 12 months? Thanks for your help!!


    • Yeah. my brows are now all healed. It’s semi-permanent. It will last 1-2 years depending on your skin and your cleansing routine. ^^ How was your appointment, Precious?


      • My appointment went not that great. When I finally got the chance to look at them once she was done, it wasn’t what I expected. I expected little hair strokes and not the look of a full tattooed eyebrow on my face. Also the eyebrows that she did were too thick for my face and not even. So I had to scrub off what I could, in the days after looking at them to make them skinnier and more even. The skin has flaked off by now and they aren’t as dark as initially, which I am sooooooooooo happy about and they ended up looking better since I scrubbed off a little from the top and a little from the bottom of each brow to make them skinnier. But from where I scrubbed, I have to wait for my skin pigmentation to come back in because it looks lighter under and above my brows now. I’m not going to go back for the second appointment. Now, they look like faded filled in brows without any make up on my face. I still have to go in and fill them in with black pencil to get the arch I desire. Thanks for your column and advice, but this is something I will not do again as in go back for touch ups.


      • Oh.. So sad to know that. Did you inform them that you wanted a natural eyebrow? What they did was actually the make-up tattoo. You must be so upset with the result. 😦 With make up tattoo, it is really dark and thick at first. With natural eyebrow, there are only strokes. 😦


  3. Hey Lanie. I have an appt with them tomorrow, but they asked if I was gonna bring a translator. I don’t have one. Do you think everything will still be alright when I go?


  4. Lanie, those 3D Eyebrow tattoo’s really look very nice on you. That contourist must be really good to have that result. If you hadn’t miss any appt. how long would it have taken from start to finish. For somebody like me who is not a local, how long do I have to stay to have everything done and completed? At magkano ang damage?


    • Hello Miss Rosita! Well actually it depends on your brows. If your brows are bushy, then you can do just the make up tattoo to form the perfect shape. And later on you can just trim your brows following the shape. If you have bald brows, and you want a natural look, then the natural eyebrow tattoo is right for you. I did the 3D tattoo coz I want to keep the shape as well as camouflage the missing hair on my brows. For someone who is not a local, I think 2 weeks is enough. Actually, the scabs fall out after a week but then your skin is still healing at that time. So I guess ok na ang 2 weeks. The clinic will give you 3 months for the free retouch service if you opt for natural or make up. You can do the retouch later within 3 months para maglast long ang color nya. But if you want 3D, then you have to go there right away after 2 weeks to achieve the final look. For 3D, hindi na xa retouch, kumbaga part 2 xa kasi ibang procedure eh. Btw the regular price is 297,000 won for each eyebrow procedure. But they have discount events from time to time so it will be lesser depende kung ilang percent ang dc. Hope this helps. ^^


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