Special Coupons for My Nampyeon


The month of May is full of special events -Parents’ Day, Children’s Day, Married Couple’s Day and Andy’s birthday. Indeed, it’s when I become so broke! LOL.

For this year, I planned to give Andy a present every week all throughout his birth month. It’s his special day but it’s like I am the one who’s more excited. Haha! I don’t know. I just really love doing something special for someone or making someone smile. It gives me so much joy. Last week, I made some love coupons for him. I kept on giggling while making them because I used the funny characters from Kakaotalk, the main multi-platform messaging app in Korea. I printed 2 copies of each coupon and three of those that I thought he would really like. The coupons are valid until next year. Hehe!




Here are the different coupons with rough translation. ^^


  • Have a date without wallet (I will pay ^^)
  • Buy anything (just one thing) he wants
  • 1-day King


  • Buy him mobile game item (worth 3,000 won only)
  • Night out with friends
  • Let him be in a daze (haha!) – It’s called “meong” in Korean. It means I should not disturb him.


  • Grant his little wish
  • Buy the food that he wants
  • 1 hour free massage


  • Free time
  • Cook delicious food for him
  • Exemption from dishwashing


  • Movie date
  • Nagging STOP!
  • Stop sulking (for me haha!)


  • Saying “Okay” with anything he says
  • “Andy’s style” Day (decides for everything)
  • Nagging STOP!


  • Karaoke (norae bang) date
  • Exemption from house cleaning
  • Run an errand for him


  • Unlimited hug
  • Smack kiss 100 times
  • Aegyo day

Andy was so delighted to receive the coupons and so excited to use them especially the “free time” coupon. LOL. I hope he’ll get to enjoy them before the expiration date. As expected, he commented that the last three coupons are actually for my own pleasure. Ahahaha! Well, Uhm.. no comment! :-p



4 thoughts on “Special Coupons for My Nampyeon

  1. I loveu gurl your blog really inspired me and it always make me smile everytime basahin ko blog mo.. super idol kita.. god bless ur family


  2. Nice one Miss Lanie! I will do this to my husband too~ Thanks for the idea. I love it because it’s in Korean. haha. I will just copy it. I hope you don’t mind. 🙂 God bless!


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