Mirror mirror on the desk…

I find it really cute that although my husband complains whenever I chunter on for hours about cosmetics and other beauty stuff, he secretly does research or asks other female friends about the latest beauty items so he can surprise me with some gifts. Haha! Few days ago, he came home with a new mirror which according to him, was used in a beauty program on TV. Uhmm.. I don’t really watch TV that much so I know nothing about it. Anyway, it’s a really cool thing called “imirror”. It’s basically a countertop mirror with LED lights and fan. And, oh, it also has zoom effect so you can see your skin (pores) clearly while putting makeup on. Nice!


  • LED Light: Levels 1-5
  • Fan: Levels 1-3
  • Zoom: x2 magnification


Light in the dark…haha!

I love the LED lighting of this mirror -it’s really bright and its brightness is adjustable. As we all know, LED lights have a longer life, are more efficient, consumes less electricity and do not put off as much heat. I thought I wouldn’t need the lighting function of this mirror since I don’t really put make up on at night but I realized I could use it whenever I want to read books. With this, I don’t need to turn the main lights on and ask Andy to wear sleeping mask. Hehe.



My favorite features of this mirror are the cooling system and magnification. The fan is really useful especially on hot and humid days when my face gets sweaty even before I finish my makeup routine. The x2 magnification helps make eye makeup and skin care application much easier.

Overall, I think the product is pretty good. And I have no reason not to like it because it is a gift after all. It’s a special gift from Andy who is never interested in beauty items but is always thinking of ways to brighten up my day. I am indeed very blessed. Kamsahamnida, Yeobo! 🙂


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