Sushi’ O | Prestige Sushi Buffet

Finally, we’re both free on a Saturday! No work, no appointments. Just whole day of fun and love! At noon, after doing some household chores together, hubby and I went to Konkuk University area also known as Kundae (건대) for a date. I love this place because aside from wide choices of restaurants, cafes and norae bangs, a branch of Lotte Department Store is also in the area. Lotte is one of the huge retail companies in Korea where you can find international brands. It’s my favorite place to shop for non-Korean beauty products. Anyway, I’m writing this blog post to introduce another “matjib” (맛집: a restaurant made famous both through word of mouth and online). This time, it’s a sushi restaurant called Sushi’O. It’s where we had lunch today before going to the mall.

Screen Shot 2016-03-19 at 4.12.59 PM

Kondae branch is pretty small. ©Sushi’O

Sushi’O is a traditional conveyor belt sushi restaurant which is also called as kaiten sushi. As the name suggests, fresh sushi sitting on plates are placed on a conveyor belt that rotates and passes every table. You can see everything and simply pick whatever you want.

16-03-19-15-17-34-800_decoAside from unlimited sushi (yes, you’ve read it right!), there are also other food and drinks to enjoy at Sushi-O. Once you arrive, the staff asks if it’s your first time and explains the rates as well as the house rules. There is a space for your belongings under the chair. It’s quite small though-just enough to store a handbag. That’s why I decided to eat first before going to shop.

So… what’s in store for you?






Hot Plate Dishes



Salad and Dessert




Though every thing I tried tasted good, I had personal favorites- salmon sushi and the one with grilled bacon on top. I just loved the bbq sauce! So delicious!

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Now, here is the most important thing, the price!


Customers have 60 minutes to enjoy the buffet. Of course, they won’t tell you to get out right after an hour unless there are a lot of customers waiting in line. LOL. But you know, we’re good citizens of the world so we observe basic restaurant etiquette. Hihi. 🙂


How to go there:

Take subway line 2 (Green Line) and get off at Konkuk University station (건대입구역), Exit 2. Walk two blocks from Exit 2 and start looking at your left along the third block. Sushi-O is just few steps away from KB (Kookmin Bank) ATM Express. The restaurant is located on the second floor of a building. If I remember it right, there’s a clothing store on the first floor. I believe I still have sharp memory. Ahaha! :-p

Screen Shot 2016-03-19 at 4.14.47 PM

By the way, Sushi-O doesn’t have a parking lot but if you want to go there by car, just park at Star City building across the restaurant. Sushi’O will shoulder 40 minutes of your parking time. Upon payment, just tell the cashier that you came by car and he or she will give you 2,000 won discount. I wondered why they didn’t check our car number. What if others would lie about coming by car? Hubby said that it’s their ‘business mind’- giving convenience to the customers. He said that with tight competition among restaurants, who would come to their place if they don’t offer basic services like parking lot? Well, that makes sense! Anyway, we paid a total amount of 3,500 won for the parking. The rate at Star City building is 500 won per 10 minute.

Then we moved to Lotte Mall since parking would be free after purchasing items from any establishment there. The “free parking” service is quite different at the mall. If you dine at a restaurant in the building and ask for a parking coupon, the staff asks for your car number and enters it into the computer. Automatically you’ll be given an hour or two. If you go to another establishment, just ask for a parking coupon upon payment to accumulate hours of free parking. Okay, apparently, parking is not FREE since you have to buy something there. Haha!

There you go! I hope you enjoyed this post. Sushi’O is a chain restaurant so you can find one all over the country. To find the nearest branch in your area, check their website. It’s available only in Korean. Til next blog post, bye! 🙂


3 thoughts on “Sushi’ O | Prestige Sushi Buffet

  1. As usual, you never fail to deliver Ajumma. Always thorough and detailed. I like that in you. But their imposing 1 hr is little difficult for us slow eaters. Thank you for sharing.


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