Hubby’s Cheesy Rice

Hubby was so busy in the kitchen when I arrived home. I was so hungry I just wanted to have dinner with whatever was ready to eat but he asked me to wait for his cheesy rice. My tummy was rumbling that I ended up munching some dried seaweed (kim) while complaining, “baegopa! baegopaaaa!” (I’m hungry! I’m hungryyyy!). Haha! He cooked the cheesy rice in a Korean traditional earthenware pot and in fairness, it was so delicious. I thought it was going to be greasy but the flavor was just perfect. He put some stir-fried kimchi, corn, canned tuna, ketchup and some mozzarella cheese; and everything was in balance. Well, it was worth the wait. He had his dinner earlier so he just stared at me and kept on asking, “oettae?” (how’s the taste?). Hehe! 🙂




Hmmm.. 맛있어요!

Gomawoyo, Jagiya! 🙂



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