Korean Convenience Store


Living in Seoul for several years, I’ve seen how Korean convenience stores evolved from simple and tiny 24/7 snack stores into bigger one-stop shops for food, goods and services attuned to the needs of modern Korean society. Korean convenience stores are increasingly living up to their name. They are not just growing in number of franchises but they are also providing more and more services to meet the demands of current lifestyle, especially with the increase of one-person households in the country.

My favorite convenience store is CU (Convenience Store for You) which is owned by BGF Retail, a joint venture of Japan’s Family Mart and Korea’s Bo Gwang Group. Let me show you what you can usually find inside.


Snacks….. I love CU’s cheese popcorn!



Different kinds and brands of Ramyun (Korean noodles)!


sodas, soft drinks, beer, soju, etc.


Wine for parties…


Juice, coffee, milk, yogurt..


Ice cream bars!


More ice cream!


Preparing some tteokbokki (rice cake in spicy sauce)



Oh how I love triangle kimbap (samgak kimbap)!


Small servings of Kimchi, udong soup, eggs, packed tteokbokki, etc.


Self-service area


Hot water for hand drip coffee or noodles (ramyun)



Cheese, packed soup, pizza and lunch boxes (doshirak)


Lunch boxes (doshirak) were added to give office workers and students more food options other than kimbap, sausages and sandwiches.


I gave this spicy bulgogi set (for only 3,900 won) a try and it wasn’t bad at all.


You can heat your doshirak up and enjoy a cheap but delicious meal inside the store!


9-Side-dish Meal set for only 3,900 won


Spoon and chopsticks included




Here’s another one! 


Need to send a package but you don’t have time to go to the post office during office hours? No worries! Convenience stores are open 24/7, so you can send your package anytime! Just ask the clerk for assistance. And yes, they ship internationally too! 🙂

If you like shopping online but you are not home during the day to receive your items, you can have it delivered to the nearest convenience store in your place. Some online shopping malls in Korea have partnership with convenience stores for this service. With just a small amount, the convenience store will receive and store the items for you. You just have to pick it up within a day.


They have this so called “Pi-Maek”, combination of pizza and maekju (beer). Pi-Maek, anyone? 🙂


Cafe area. Don’t forget to clean up after eating!

There are also other services like battery exchange and even lotto tickets! In the past, people would have their phones charged at a convenience store but they had to wait for 30 minutes to have the phone fully charged. This has been upgraded to battery exchange service. You can exchange your depleted battery with fully-charged one for only 3,000 won. This service is available for any smartphone model.

When the weather is fine, tables and chairs are set up outside the store for those who want to enjoy drinking or eating. Sometimes, my husband and I go to CU late at night (wearing our pambahay clothes) and enjoy convenience store date. A bag of cheese popcorn and some beer are more than enough to make our night perfect. Hehe!

What do you usually buy at a Korean convenience store? Well, my husband doesn’t like this (coz he wants me to have a proper meal) but I admit I like eating samgak kimbap. It’s my all time favorite, especially the tuna mayo! 🙂

*Convenience store : 편의점 (pyeon-eui-jeom)


4 thoughts on “Korean Convenience Store

  1. I lived in Korea for one year and I miss the convenience stores so much! So organised and clean and they have everything! I’m from the US and our convenience stores don’t offer nearly as much. Now I live in Germany and only a few select cities are allowed to have 24-hour shops and they don’t offer much. In smaller cities (where I live) they aren’t allowed at all! ;(

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