Korean Version Books!


Last week, hubby and I went to Lotte Mall (Cheongnyangni branch) to do some grocery shopping. We parked the car near Cheongnyangni train station; and we had to pass through the station to reach the mall. Inside the station, there was a bazaar event going on. There were booths selling traditional snacks, dried seaweed (miyeok), ginseng and other Korean delicacies. My attention was caught by these books! Some books were on sale, so I grabbed two.



Two books for only 10,000 won. Yehey!


I got these books 50 % off the original price. Woot!

Reading books in Korean is a great challenge for me but I do enjoy reading and learning new words. It takes quite a long time for me to finish one book though. Hehe! I really wish I’ll improve my vocabulary and reading comprehension skills so I can buy and read the Korean version of all the books I want to read. You ask why? Because Korean version books are much cheaper and of much higher quality compared to the original English books. Haha. Are you learning Korean language? Which Korean book have you read? Aja aja fighting! 🙂


5 thoughts on “Korean Version Books!

  1. Same here gwaps. Norwegian books are cheaper and always on sale than the English version but then dugay kaau ko kahuman mgbasa maski pa Children’s book.. Well, mafluent ra gihapon ta gwaps Sa ilang language sooner or later..:)
    Lykke til!! (Goodluck in Norsk)


  2. I’m a Filipino learning Korean as well. I live in the Philippines so I can only order Korean books online. My favorite Korean book is 탱고 by 구혜순( She’s Jandi of Boys Over Flower in case you don’t know) just because it’s the first Korean novel I purchased 3 years ago. Still I haven’t read it completely.ㅎㅎ


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