One Autumn Afternoon…


Autumn is my favorite season of the year. It’s the best time to have a date (well, just for me). Haha. Last week, Andy and I went to Children’s Grand Park  for a walk. It was a sunny Sunday so we expected the park to be crowded. Fortunately, there was a car going out so we were able to park immediately.

At the entrance, just beside the parking lot, there was a food bazaar event going on. People from different provinces were selling side dishes and other cooking ingredients like dwaenjang, kochujang, kochugaru, etc. While I was busy taking photos of the beautiful gingko trees and the fallen leaves, Andy was also busy checking out the food items. He’s actually more like an ajumma than I am. LOL. He also kept on bringing free stuff for me to try. We ended up shopping for side dishes instead of walking around the park. We didn’t even go inside. Haha.

From Children’s Grand Park, we headed to E-mart at Wangsimni to do some grocery shopping. We usually shop at Homeplus but the gift card that we received from Shinhan bank could only be used at E-mart. Woot! We shopped for free!


Tired and hungry, Andy and I went to KFC at the ground floor of Wangsimni station as I was craving for “Chizza” (chicken breast pizza). Andy ordered our food and I just waited at the table. I noticed he brought only 1 glass of coke, which I didn’t mind since I don’t really like drinking softdrinks.



I thought he wanted to share with me like this:


My expectation..

Andy: I didn’t bring two straws for that purpose. Yeobo, having two straws means sipping more drinks faster. Let’s just share. Don’t worry, it’s unlimited. Just drink to your heart’s content. Shall we use three straws? four? 



It has been raining lately and most of the leaves have already fallen. Autumn is finally bidding goodbye and giving way to winter. It’s once again the season of dry skin. :’-(


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