Invaded Hubby’s Space

2015-06-28-00-19-09_decoSo this is my ‘new’ skincare and make up station. My small vanity table is no longer enough to keep my beauty stuff and there’s insufficient space to put another one inside our room. I was contemplating on changing my vanity table with a much bigger one when my ever supportive and loving hubby suggested that I better make his desk an extension of my vanity table. Weee! Kamsahamnida! Hmmm.. Why not? I don’t need a huge mirror when I do my skincare routine anyway (my face isn’t that super big naman. haha). I just need more space for my hwajangpum. While arranging my stuff, I realized that his desk is much more functional than my vanity table. Everything I need is just within my reach. I looove it! Though the space isn’t enough to store all my other girly stuff (there are boxes under the desk hehe), it’s still a lot better. It’s good enough for the mean time.



Storage for my wash-off mask, nose strips, eye gel patches & sheet mask



Lippies that I use often


Face massage tools

I love to shop and try out random beauty products, especially Korean skin care items; and my collection is growing. With that being said, I am now on the hunt for a perfect dressing table. I’m looking for one that has lots of shelves and drawers. I don’t mind a medium-sized mirror. There’s a full-length mirror in the dressing room, anyway. Hehe. I hope to find one that I really like. 🙂

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