Special Movie Theaters in Seoul

Are you a movie buff? Are you planning for a romantic movie date with your special someone or a fun movie bonding with family and friends? Seoul offers a wide variety of film viewing options but if you’re looking for the cream of the crop, the best possible place to plant yourself for two hours of cinematic bliss, there are a few spots that rise above the rest. Here are some unique movie theaters to visit  here in Seoul. 🙂

Sweetbox Theater

Sweetbox seats are typically located at the last rows of the theater. It features a huge cozy double sofa. It doesn’t cost that much and it doesn’t have that annoying drink holder in the middle, giving you more comfort as you snuggle up with your special someone. There is also a sweetbox premium option that provides luxurious leather sofas as well as cushions for a highly enjoyable experience at the theaters. 🙂



sweetbox_04 sweetbox_05Ticket Price: 15,000 won per head

Available in the following CGV theaters:  Myeongdong, Seongsin Women’s University, Yongsan, Cheongdam Cine City, Yeongdeungpo, Gangbyeon, Mokdong, Guro, Mia, Garden 5, Apgujeong, Wangsimni & Gangnam

Cine de Chef

It’s a movie theater and fine dining restaurant rolled into one! You can enjoy full on-call waiter service, featuring a comprehensive food and beverage menu, delivered direct to your seat, before or throughout the movie!



Ticket price: 40,000 won per person

Location: Cine De Chef Apgujeong
Closest station: Apgujeong Station (Line 3) exit 3

Gold Class Premium Cinema and Lounge

It features an intimate setting for no more than 30-40 people, making every seat literally the ‘best in the house’. This is one of the most elite and extravagant theaters you can find here in Seoul. I love the ridiculously comfortable looking and exquisite couch in front. This is true class. 🙂


Gold class


Ticket Price: 30,000 won per person

Available at : CGV Sangam, Yongsan, Yeoungdeungpo, and Wangsimni

Beats by Dr. Dre

Music lovers and audiophiles out there will surely be thrilled to know that there is a theater like this in Seoul. Each seat includes a pair of the trendy and highly regarded headphones to enjoy a booming experience at the theater.



Ticket Price: 12,000 won per person

Location: CGV Chungdam Cine City

Subway Station: Gangnam-gu Office Station (Seoul Subway Line 7), Exit 3

Private Cinema

This private cinema is perfect for exclusive party or event. It has a very luxurious interior design complete with cozy couches, bookshelves and beautiful lights to give it that sense of elegance.

private_02 private_03

private_04 private_05

Rental Price: 4,000,000 won (4hrs)

8,000,000 won (8hrs)

Located at: CGV Cheongdam Cine City
Subway Station: Gangnam-gu Office Station (Seoul Subway Line 7), Exit 3

Veatbox Theater

This theater provides chairs that vibrate and bump to the movies which would probably simulate more of a concert going experience than a standard big screen showing. It is a specially designed movie theater with great acoustics for those who value sound quality as top priority in their movie experience.



A power button is conveniently located on the seat so you can switch off the vibrations if not wanted.


Ticket price: 12,ooo won per person

Available at the following CGV theaters: Wangsimni, Gangnam, Gangbyeon, Guro, Daehakro, Myeongdong, Mokdong, Garden 5, Apgujeong, Yeongdeungpo, Yongsan an Cheongdam Cine City

So, guys, where do you want to go? Leave your comments below! 🙂

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