Jokbal (족발)


Last night, I was craving for Jokbal (족발) so Andy took me to the restaurant that he used to frequent when he was still single. He forgot the exact street location but thanks to GPS, we found it in no time. Jokbal is a boiled and seasoned pig’s trotters dish, made by boiling pigs’ feet in water along with  garlic, ginger, leeks, rice wine, sugar and Korean soy sauce. The bones are removed and the meat is cut into thick slices before serving.

Jokbal is a popular dish in Korea especially to beauty enthusiasts and celebs. It is known to be good for the skin as it contains rich amounts of gelatin derived from the collagen inside the pork skin. This natural collagen improves skin elasticity and is effective at preventing wrinkles. When I go shopping for collagen drinks and facial lotion, Andy always tells me to just eat jokbal or chicken feet instead. Hahaha! Have you tried this delicious Korean dish?

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One thought on “Jokbal (족발)

  1. I should start eating pork skin and chicken feet now. Cheaper than collagen products which are actually not that effective.LOL. Thanks for sharing.


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