Geoje Island | Gyeongsangnam-do, KR (Day 3)

On our last day, I woke up early and prepared our breakfast. I cooked dwaenjang chigae, sausages, egg and made some salad. While I was preparing our food, Andy was also busy packing our things up to get ready for check-out. We visited several popular places like Hakdong Pebble beach, Sinseondae and Windy Hill. Parking was just for free but finding a space was a great challenge.

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The weather was great but the wind was too strong (due to the typhoon in Japan) that I had a hard time keeping the camera still. The cruise tours were also cancelled on that day. I could hardly open my eyes wide because my contacts would fall out.

Along the walkway towards the windy hill, there was a halmoni (granny) selling boiled shells. I love shells so Andy bought me some. And I ate in the car on our way to Tongyeong city. It was really yummy. Hehe.


5,000 won

It took us around 40 minutes to travel from Geoje to Tongyeong city. Cable car ride and zip line adventure are some of the things you can try. But we directly went to the seafood market and went shopping for pasalubong (gifts for friends and family). This Tongyeong honey bread is so popular. There were lots of people waiting in line in all honey bread stores that we passed by. I got curious so I bought and tried one. I didn’t like it because it was too sweet.




One interesting thing you can see in this port city is the Turtle Ship replica docked in the harbor. This ship played a huge role in Korean warfare and has a very unique design. It’s also known as Geobukseon. It was used in the fight against invading Japanese naval ships.


After all the walking and shopping around the market, we finally rested at Caffe Bene. And before we left for Seoul, we had an early dinner at a restaurant inside the market. I ordered Wooreok Maeuntang coz I was craving for a spicy soup. Tongyeong maeuntang had a different taste from the maeuntang I had in Gangwon province. It was good and refreshing though.



I thought that food and groceries cost cheaper in the province but I was wrong. The cheapest decent meal you can get in Geoje costs around 10,000 won per person. And since most are seafood dishes, eating out is quite expensive. In Seoul, you can buy a good Korean meal for only 5,000-6,000 won. Hehehe!

The trip was generally a good experience for both of us. The weather was nice and we were very satisfied with the pension houses we rented. It was great because we were able to spend quality time together. Quality time is my love language and throughout the trip, Andy kept my love tank full. Weee! I also tried my best to reciprocate it by showing love in his own love language (acts of service). And we felt fulfilled because we succeeded in our mission not to fight during the trip. Hahaha! It was indeed a memorable vacation because we were together and we were giving each other our undivided attention. There are lots of places to visit in Geoje island but since Andy likes a laid-back vacation, I didn’t make our itinerary too tight. What was more important for me was not the trip or the place but the fact that we were spending time together. 🙂

If we had more time we would surely visit other smaller islands like Jisimdo and Jangsado. I’ve been to Jisimdo few years ago but I haven’t been to Jangsado. It’s the filming location of the popular Korean drama My Love From The Star (별에서 온 그대).

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Feel free to download Geoje Map. 🙂



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