Geoje Island | Gyeongsangnam-do, KR (Day 2)

I woke up early to prepare our breakfast and to get ready for an island adventure, but I had a hard time waking Andy up. Haha! It was a rare vacation so I just let him get that long deep sleep that he needed.


Sleeping like a log. ㅋㅋㅋ


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After having breakfast, we went out for Haegeumgang and Oedo Island tour. Gujora was the nearest ferry terminal from the pension house but we decided to go to the one in Wahyeon because Andy wanted to ride a bigger ferry (with 2 floors). He was scared to ride a small one. Hehe. At the terminal, we were asked to fill out a form before we were given our tickets. On that form, we wrote our names, ages and home address. We were scheduled to ride the ferry at 11:40 AM. Here’s the rate for the Haegeumgang-Oedo tour at Wahyeon Ferry Terminal.

Roundtrip ferry + Oedo Island entrance fee

  • Adult: 16,000 + 11,000 = 27,000 won
  • Teenagers: 16,000 + 8,000 = 24,000 won
  • Children: 9,000 + 5,000 = 14,000

Time of departure: 9:00 AM, 11:40 AM, 2:00 PM

Duration of tour: 2hours and 30 minutes


Upon boarding, we were given an id card with the name and number of the ferry just in case we forget or get confused which ferry to ride after the tour. On the way to Oedo Island, we stopped by Haegeumgang. Look at this fabulous view of the pillar rock cliff islands. The captain was actually the tour guide. Using his lapel microphone, he explained about the names of the rock islands and told some stories about them. He also explained the safety measures. Unfortunately, the entire service was in Korean. So if you don’t understand the language, just do some research in advance and just enjoy the view. Hehe! 🙂


Welcome to Oedo Botania! We were given 1 hour and 30 minutes to tour around the small island.












After the tour, we went back to Geoje proper and looked for 싱싱게장 (Shing Shing Gejang), a famous restaurant serving seasoned and marinated crabs, bean paste soup, grilled fish, fish stew, shrimp, abalone and lots of side dishes. The food was really good and it was unlimited. I actually asked for another bowl of seasoned crabs. Hehe! The price was 12,000 won per adult and 6,000 won per child. 🙂





After having our late lunch, we checked in at Atelier pension house. It’s located near a ferry terminal and beach; and it’s not that far from Casa del Pino. I was really satisfied with the pension houses that I chose. Haha!



We occupied the room called 햇살 (sunshine) and we loved it! Our room number at Casa del Pino was 103 and at Atelier was the reverse, 301. Interesting!




Low-season rate:

  • Monday-Thursday    –    70,000 won    (PHP 2,963)
  • Friday                          –    80,000 won    (PHP 3,386)
  • Weekend/Holiday    –    130,000 won   ( PHP 5,503)

Mid-season rate:

  • Weekday                     –    100,000 won    (PHP 4,233)
  • Weekend/Holiday    –    150,000 won    (PHP 6,350)

Peak-season rate:

  • Weekday                    –    180,000 won    (PHP 7,620)
  • Weekend/Holiday    –    200,000 won   (PHP 8,467)

After taking an afternoon nap, we headed to Big Burger cafe to grab some snacks. We ordered a 23-cm burger, just the size of a pizza. I thought we could finish it but it was too big for us. The burger is actually good for 3-4 persons. Hehe!



We really enjoyed strolling around Geoje city. I jokingly told Andy that I wish I have a small rest house there. Then he suggested the idea of living there and building a pension house for business. Well, managing a villa in Seoul is much easier and less stressful than managing a pension house. Haha! Of course I still prefer to live and work in Seoul where everything I need is just around the corner. The transportation is also convenient for someone like me who doesn’t know how to drive. Oh how I love Seoul Subway!



We also visited Daemyung Resort. Andy wants to stay in the resort next time, perhaps next summer vacation. 🙂 The resort looks really nice at night because of the lights. We enjoyed walking around the resort that we didn’t notice the time. At around 8:30 PM, we went to several restaurants but they were already closing. They couldn’t accept orders because the food were already sold out. WOW. Luckily, we found one restaurant that could accommodate us. The sajangnim (owner) was so kind and generous. I liked listening to his saturi (accent). Hehe. Andy ordered spicy fish stew and I had meongge (sea squirt) bibimbap which is one of Geoje’s specialties. That dinner for two cost 20,000 won.



We went back to our pension house and watched a movie together. I also prepared some chips, tomatoes and canapes for our midnight merienda. It was such a lovely night! 🙂

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Feel free to download Geoje Map. 🙂

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