Geoje Island | Gyeongsangnam-do, KR (Day 1)

GeojeTwo weeks ago, hubby and I went on a short trip to Geoje Island (also known as Geoje-do), the second largest island located on the southern coast of Gyeongsangnam-do province, South Korea. It is a historically significant place which had the biggest prisoner-of-war camp during the Korean War. Memorial services are also held annually in memory of Admiral Yi Sun-Shin at the Okpo Daecheop Memorial Park, built in memory of the battle of Okpo.

It was my second but Andy’s first time to visit the place. Yeah, he lives in Korea but he had never been there, ever. Haha! I made all the plans and reservations for that trip. He liked it that he had no other task but to drive safely.

It was almost 9:00 in the morning when we left Seoul. We decided to go through Busan and the underwater highway on our way to Geoje proper and through Tongyeong on the way back to Seoul. We stopped by Jageum Rest Stop in Gyeonggi Province to grab a quick lunch. And there I was, sitting like a boss. Hahaha!




This is the entrance of the underwater highway (in Gadeokdo) that links Busan and Geoje.

It took us 7 hours to reach the city proper but I didn’t feel that it was that far because I enjoyed nibbling snacks and singing with Andy. After checking in, we went to the mart to shop for groceries and then went to the wet market to buy some seafood for dinner.


The pension house where we stayed in on the first night was Casa del Pino and our room name was Chateau Blanc which means ‘white castle’. Cool! 🙂


I really loved how beautiful and clean the pension house was! When I saw it on the internet while searching for a place to stay, I fell in love with it and immediately made a reservation. The pension house was almost fully-booked on our arrival date because it was a holiday. There were only few rooms left and most of them were good for a bigger group. Luckily, this room for two was available. 🙂


It was complete with kitchen tools, utensils, rice cooker, water heater, gas range, microwave and refrigerator. I had no problem in cooking because everything I needed were all provided.


The bathroom was so spacious and well-lighted.



What a wonderful view from our balcony!

Since we were so tired because of the long trip, we took a short nap before preparing for dinner. If you want to have a BBQ party, you can request for a gas grill with an additional fee of 10,000 won (small) 0r 15,000 (big).



Here’s what we had for dinner.. chadaaaan! We bought the seafood set at the market for 20,000 won. It was originally 25,000 won but we got 5,000 won discount because of Andy’s aegyo. Hahaha!  The rest were bought at a nearby supermarket. If you don’t want to go to the market, you can also order meat set, seafood set or a mix of both at the pension house. However, you should order it upon room reservation.


Woooh… Freshness!



Dinner is ready!


After having dinner, we went out for a walk around the pension house. There were tables and chairs around the place so guests could enjoy the night watching the stars while sipping wine, tea or coffee. There was also a huge screen (for movie/music video/drama) at the parking area. Drinks and other things were available at the vending machine. 🙂


While Andy was watching TV, I prepared a special warm bubble bath. It was a tiring day; and a warm bubble bath was a great way to relax, soak away stress and soothe aching muscles, tired feet, and exhausted minds. I brought my favorite products from Lush -bath bomb and bubble bar. I also brought scented candles with Andy’s fave scent, lavender. I think I spent more than an hour in the tub. It was so relaxing I almost slept.



 ☆ Casa del Pino Room Rates As of October 2014 ☆

Low-season rate:

  • Weekday    –    130,000 won    ( PHP 5,503)
  • Friday         –    160,000 won    (PHP 6,770)
  • Weekend   –    190,000 won     (PHP 8,044)

Mid-season rate:

  • Weekday   –    190,000 won     (PHP 8,044)
  • Friday        –    220,000 won    (PHP 9,314)
  • Weekend   –   240,000 won     (PHP 10,160)

Peak-season rate:

  • Korean summer break / Holiday    – 260,000 won     (PHP 11,000)


Useful Links:

Feel free to download Geoje Map. 🙂


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