15 Random Things About Me

I think it’s about time to spill the beans about a few random things about me. I will add more to this list soon. 🙂

  1. I sometimes talk to myself in the mirror. I ask myself some questions and answer them like I’m in an interview.  Hehe!
  2. I don’t like taking care of animals. When I was little, we had a dog named ‘Butoy’. I didn’t really like the dog but I felt sad when he died.
  3. I miss dancing. I love ballroom/latin dance, not grinding up in the club.  I joined dance competitions when I was younger and missed classes because of the rehearsals. It was so hard to balance studies and extra curricular activities but I had no regrets.
  4. I love bread with cheese. When I go to the bakery I always look for cream cheese bread, blueberry cheese pie, cheese rolls, cheese cakes etc.
  5. I was 9 years old (3rd grade) when I first heard that someone (a cute boy who’s a year older) had a crush on me. And he courted me when we were in high school- a cute memory to remember.
  6. I have small feet. I wear size 5.
  7. When I was younger, I told myself that I would never marry a foreigner. I ate my words because I fell in love with a Korean.
  8. I tried learning Chinese (Mandarin) when I was in college.
  9. I love to engage in deep conversations and I prefer hanging out with small group of friends than with a group of many.
  10. I can’t sleep when I drink coffee. If I drink coffee I have to exercise a lot or do something to make myself tired so I can sleep well at night or else I will stay awake until the next day.
  11. I love reading. When I wake up in the morning, I grab my phone and read. My monthly phone bill is high because of e-book downloads.
  12. I received some sexy lingeries/nighties as gifts but I have never worn them. I love wearing pajamas. They’re so comfy!
  13. I am a perfectionist, which I consider to be both a strength and weakness.
  14. I enjoy playing Scrabble.
  15. I love my life and the people in it.


6 thoughts on “15 Random Things About Me

  1. Wow! We have so many things in common. Numbers 4, 7, 9,11,12,13,14,15 really speak about me. Except for the pretty face ( a thing I lack) I am almost tempted to think we are twins hehehe. I am kidding. I accidently stumbled upon your post and I love it. Hoping to meet you one day. Love to sit at the feet of intelligent people. And no matter how small your feet may be my love for learning will be strong enough to place me there. Have a great weekend.


  2. Nah. Tinuod jud na, hehehe! Makatawa gani ko niya saona kay mag-blush, abi jud namu sa ako ate Salvie na bayot siya. 🙂 Sure, puhon2x. Librehon jud ka naku, pramis! ^___^ Amping pud ikaw, Miss Lanie.


  3. May i add my Kuya in # 5? Hahaha. Me and cousin used to tease him kay crush daw ka niya Miss Lanie.. Hahaha! Hmmmm..now i know unsa ako ihatag nimu if magkita ta someday ~~~ loaf bread with eden cheese, lol 😛
    A beautiful morning to a beautiful lady there in Korea ^____^


    • Hala… kamo jud bah.. inyo man sungogon maski dli tinuod.. pero ganahan podko kung tinuod hahahaha… oo libreha daun kog pan nga naay cheese ha? Malipay na kaau ko ana..hihihi… amping hulya! Mwah!♥


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