Korean Body Scrub Mitts


I used to think that I could do a perfect exfoliation by myself with the use of loofah. I thought of it as the most  effective but I was wrong! My mind changed when I came to Korea and experienced the awesome traditional Korean body scrub for the first time few years ago. When it comes to exfoliation, nothing beats the Korean body scrub towel/mitt (Hangeul: 때수건; ddae soogun). It really works wonders, peeling away dull flaky skin and impurities.

I love to exfoliate so I go to a Korean public bathhouse for a total body scrub almost every weekend. Yesterday I went to a public bathhouse with my husband Andy. Korean public bathhouses are gender-segregated and nudity is mandatory in the bathing area. To prepare my skin for the exfoliation process, I took a shower, got into the hot tub, and spent few minutes inside the steam room. By then my dead skin was softened up.


Then I lay on a massage table and the ajumma ran exfoliating mitts all over my body. I always take a bath but it was both fascinating and horrifying to see how my dead skin cells rolled up into thin, grey ropes. LOL. I could even feel my old skin on the table like crumbs. Eww! I lay on my front, then she stretched my arms and scrubbed my armpits. I lay on both sides with one knee bent so she could scrub my inner thighs. Then she washed my hair, put some yogurt on my skin, rinsed with warm water, put cucumber mask on my face, and massaged my body with oil. It felt sooo good! After a stressful and tiring week, I always look forward to getting a Korean spa treatment every weekend especially during cold seasons.
It is not advisable to use this scrub mit on your face. (Hmmm..*whispers*Actually I do..but very gently on my nose area to get rid of white and blackheads. sshhh.. LOL) Do not overdo the scrubbing. It is made of 100% viscose, and is highly abrasive. Take a hot bath or soak in a hot tub for 10-15 minutes (to soften skin) for easy scrubbing. Scrub/exfoliate after you have rinsed soap off your body. Put some moisturizers after you scrub and enjoy your baby smooth skin!^_^ One scrub mitt can last for quite a long time. Just make sure to wash and dry it well after using. You can buy this at Korean grocery stores and is actually cheap. 🙂
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9 thoughts on “Korean Body Scrub Mitts

  1. i had a Korean body scrub whilst in Los Angles and it was fantastic & have not looked back. I bought a pair of mint like the ones above but now I would like to buy a supply as I use it daily. Its fabulous and your skin is smooth and fresh looking after using this scrub daily. Can you tell me where I can buy this ? Is it available in Brisbane city


      • Hi i just run through your post now, i wanna ask if this is available in cebu? I really want to try this, hope you could respond 🙂 Gob Bless you.


    • You can buy the Korean mitt from us at Apollos Day Spa. We are a traditional Korean bath house and we do traditional Korean body scrubs..hope this helps. We are located at Woolloongabba.


  2. This is what I’ve been missing since Jeju. Really enjoyed it so much I’d like to go back to Korea for this kind of treatment. I bought some scrub mitts but once they get wet, they shrunk. I guess I will have to buy the extra large ones or sew my own after soaking the material in water.


    • Ms. Rosita,oo nga po. but there are larger ones. It’s just rare to find though. The towel size is more gentle than the mitt and I use the towel after I scrub using the mitt. I use the towel with some moisturizing body wash yung last part na. hehehe!


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