Souvenir Shopping at Insadong, Seoul

2013-10-07-15-43-35_decosmallMy sister wanted to buy some traditional souvenirs to give to her friends back home as pasalubong so I brought her to Insadong, a neighborhood in Jongno District, Seoul. Visiting Insadong is actually an immersion into Korean culture. Shopping in the area is truly a unique experience as it represents the culture of the traditional and modern Korea. This old neighborhood has everything: culture, art, shopping, restaurants, traditional tea rooms and atmosphere to spare. Sometimes there are street performances too! And since we were looking for some souvenirs, let me show you what we found. Click to enlarge the photos below. 🙂

Here are some random photos I took.. 🙂

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You can also try wearing the traditional costume called Hanbok. There are several studios in the area.

Of course after shopping we did what we like the most, eating! Hahaha! My sister loves Korean food so we went to a Korean restaurant to grab some lunch. We ordered kimchi chigae (Kimchi stew) and Jeyuk bokkeum (stir-fried marinated pork) and we were given these free side dishes. 

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Oh, there’s my favorite egg bread!

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While walking along the street, we saw some people enjoying a weird-looking food. We got curious what it was and so we joined the long queue. It’s a soft vanilla flavored ice cream in a long stick! The yellow stick-shaped snack is actually a Korean traditional snack made of corn flour.

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How to go there:

Anguk Station (Seoul Subway Line 3), Exit 6.
Go 100m straight, then turn left.

That’s all for today. Thanks for visiting! Have a great day! 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Souvenir Shopping at Insadong, Seoul

  1. Indeed! Soju is the national alcohol of Korea, 😛 hehehe. Out of curiosity because i always see it drink by celebrities in K-series, i bought one to try but hmmmm..soju is just not the alcohol for me to enjoy, LOL


  2. Omo! Ms. Lanie, why does your posts makes me want to visit Korea more? 🙂 Hehehe That ice cream cone is soooooooo awesome! sooooo kyuuuut! yum yum yum! ;p


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