Nature Republic Magic Remover (Corrector) Pen

I have a new favorite item that I carry with me most of the time when I go out. It’s the Magic Remover (Corrector) pen from Nature Republic. This can be used in two ways-as a makeup remover and corrector.
Removing long wearing eye makeup such as waterproof eyeliner and mascara at night is such a pain in the arse! There are great makeup removers like cleansing oil and cream in the market but I don’t like using them with a cotton swab in the eye area as they irritate my eyes and make my vision blurry. I put makeup remover on a cotton bud and use it to remove eyeliner and mascara but it’s so time consuming that sometimes I just sleep with some makeup residue on my face. 😦
The magic remover pen is an easy and convenient way of removing waterproof eye makeup. It can be used on the lips too but I prefer using it only on my eyes.
I hate it that my eyes are extremely watery. It’s so annoying because my eye makeup smudges! Urrrgghh! Whenever I find myself looking like a panda, I run this pen over the smudged area. This is also helpful when I apply eyeliner since I always end up messing it up. Harhar!
The pen looks like an ordinary board marker. The tip is smooth and soft and is soaked with a lightweight, non-greasy apricot stone oil.
The pen absorbs the eye makeup but it retains on the tip. Don’t forget to clean the tip  with a dry tissue before storing it. 
I really like this product. I recommend this to all ladies who like wearing eye makeup. It  is also useful in drawing a perfect winged-liner! And it is so handy that you don’t need to bring a full bottle of makeup remover with you.
Korean price: 5,500 won (5 USD / 208 PHP)

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