Happy Parents’ Day (어버이날)

The month of May is considered the ‘Family Month’ in South Korea. We celebrated Children’s Day on the 5th and today we celebrate Parents’ Day (어버이날: eo-beo-ee-nal). Unlike Children’s Day, Parents’ Day is not a public holiday but is still considered a very important celebration in the country.
It’s our first time to celebrate Parents’ Day  without my father-in-law. He passed away few months ago. Anyway, early this morning before I went to work, I handed my gift to my mother-in-law. Whenever I ask her what she wants for a gift, she always answers with  “nothing.” But today is a special day and she couldn’t just refuse ‘coz I would INSIST! Hahaha! I love my mom-in-law so much. She makes my stay in Korea less stressful. And I just want her to know that I am so grateful to have her.
Flowers (carnation or roses) are common gifts for this occasion but my mom-in-law does not really like flowers. She’s the complete opposite of my late father-in-law who loved flowers and who had a passion for gardening. Hubby and I just contributed to give my mom-in-law some monetary gift to spend on anything she wants (I heard she wants to travel abroad haha!). We sliced off some amount from our monthly allowance (less shopping for me haha!) because we didn’t want to touch our savings. After all, that’s what love for family is all about –voluntary acts of self-sacrifice and not selfishness.
Since I always arrive home late on weekdays, I just called my niece and nephews to take their Granny to a dinner date. And when I got home a while ago I called to check on her but she was already asleep. I’m glad she had a great time today. Anyway, here are some photos of the flowers sold on the streets on Parents’ Day. They were so lovely  that I wanted to bring home some. But they’re not cheap and it would just be a waste of money. So I just took photos of them instead. Hehehehe!
Happy Parents’ Day to all moms and dads out there! 🙂

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