Seoul Subway System

Subway is the fastest and most convenient way to explore metropolitan cities in Korea. I personally love Seoul subway system. When I move around the city, I prefer taking the subway than riding in a car getting mad because of the traffic jam and spending quite a lot of time looking for a parking space which is mostly not free.

Seoul Subway Map

This is the subway map of Metro Seoul. Each subway station has a name, number, and color, which represents the Subway Line.

Seoul’s public transportation system is run by three separate organizations: the Seoul Metropolitan Subway Corporation, the Korean National Railroad, and the Seoul Metropolitan Rapid Transit Corporation. So you might notice that some of the subway trains and platforms have slightly different designs. 🙂


Transportation Cards: Single Journeys

Last May 2009, the paper tickets were replaced with plastic ticket cards. You can purchase your card at the ticket vending machine inside the subway station.

Transportation Cards: T-Money Cards (Multiple Journeys, Rechargeable)
T-money cards are rechargeable transportation cards that you can use on subway, buses and even taxis. However, transfer discounts are imposed on bus/subway fares only. You can purchase T-money cards in nearly all convenience stores and subway ticket booths. T-money cards allow you to transfer from one bus line to another, or from a subway to a bus (or vice versa) with no extra charge, as long as you board the next leg within 30 minutes. T-money cards also come in different shapes and sizes: credit card form, cell phone charms, rings, stuffed animals, key chains and for some SK Telecom and KTF subscribers, embedded into cell phones.
Old T-money reload device

New touch screen ticket vending and card reloading device 


How to reload your T-money card:

  • Select your preferred language. Korean, English, Chinese or Japanese
  • Touch the ‘T-money Card’ box on the screen.
  • Place your T-money Card on the recharging pad
  • Select the amount of money you wish to recharge.
  • Pay the total recharge amount. The Device takes 1,000 / 5,000 / 10,000-won bills and 50 / 100 / 500-won coins.
  • Wait until the recharging process is completed, and don’t forget to check the balance of your card before and after recharging.

How to purchase a single journey ticket:

  • Select your preferred language:Korean, English, Chinese or Japanese
  • Touch the ‘Single Journey Ticket’ box on the screen.
  • Search and select your destination.
  • Select the quantity for each type of Single Journey Tickets desired.
  • Once you select the quantity, the ticket price will show up on the left side of the screen.
  • Pay the total ticket price. The Device takes 1,000/5,000/10,000-won bills and 50/100/500-won coins.
  • Wait for your ticket to come out
  • Retrieve the Ticket, and head to the security gates.

Security gates

  • Spot the security gate with a green arrow; the ones with a red X or restriction symbol are not accessible. Place your ticket on the security gate card reader. After the beep, pass through the gate and head to the subway platform. When you exit the subway station at your destination, place the ticket once again on the security gate card reader.
 Digital Station
  • You can surf the internet, use the internet phone and charge your cellphone for FREE.
  • Available from 6 AM to 12 Midnight
  • You are not allowed to open game and porn sites. LOL
  • Use it for 10 minutes only especially when there are other people waiting in line.

Keyboard, USB ports, card readers

You can call a local telephone or cellphone for free. For international calls, you can use the T-money card to pay. It’s not free bi*ches! LOL. I tried calling my husband using this internet phone and I pretended to be someone else. He didn’t recognize me ‘coz I changed my voice. Harharhar! Well, I used to voice act several characters in our radio drama class when I was in college. Hihihihi!

Subway Platform

Inside the subway train

The train doors stay open for only few seconds.

The traveling time from one station to another is around 2-3 minutes.

I have nothing but the greatest praise for Seoul’s subway system. It’s extensive, fast and cheap! And whoever invented the T-money card, God bless you! ^_^ Have a great weekend everyone!

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