Missha M Signature Vibrating Mascara

I’m rot really an avid mascara user since I have sensitive eyes and I wear eyeglasses most of the time. But I wanted to try this vibrating mascara that everyone is talking about. It’s Missha M Signature Vibrating Mascara.

What I like about this product:

  • Double vibrating motor works in 2 levels: low vibrating mode for volume and high vibrating mode for curling
  • High elastic swirl rubber brush with 348 sensors
  • Non-sticky
  • 4-proof system (tears,water,sebum and smudge)
I tried applying this mascara, let it dry and rubbed my eyes. Ollah! It didn’t smear. I love it! I like its rubber brush the most. It separates my lashes well, doesn’t clump at all.  And it makes my lashes look so much fuller. It’s now a new favorite next to my no.1 fave, Lancome Definicils Waterproof mascara.



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