What’s That Smell?

Hello everyone! It’s Saturday night here in Seoul. I spent the whole day staying at home doing household chores with Andy. Despite his not-so-good condition, he was so eager to help. So I made his favorite curry rice for dinner. Hehe!

By the way, I’d like to share my new favorite items from The Face Shop. I’m not really a fan of this brand but one day, I passed by TFS outlet inside the subway station and decided to check some products then I found these.

Etiquette Cooling Foot Mist

Content: 100ml
Price: 5,900 won

Skin type: All
I have never tried a cooling foot mist ever in my life so I decided to buy one. LOL. And I love it! it’s so refreshing and cool. It has that ‘clean’ smell. I use it after shower before I put on my socks or stockings. And my feet smells good all day! I’m satisfied with this product!
Etiquette Deodorant Mist

Content: 100ml
Price: 5,900 won 
Skin type: All

I have been using Nivea deodorant spray since I arrived here because it’s the only brand that is available in most department stores. I’m not kidding. It’s really hard to find Korean deodorants in the malls. Unlike in the Philippines, you have a wide selection of deodorants available in spray, stick or lotion form. ^.^
During my last visit to the Philippines, I bought lots of deodorant sticks. LOL. Not because I smell really bad, I just made sure that I would have enough supply to last for a while. ^_^
I’m just so glad that recently, Korean cosmetic companies are launching new products including deodorants. Yehey! Etude House also has a deo perfume stick called ‘Put Your Hands Up’. I’m gonna try it next time! If there are other good deodorants that you can recommend, please let me know in the comment box below. ^_^
Happy weekend everyone! ^_^
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