Nature Republic SNAYTOX Anti-wrinkle Hydro Gel Mask

I had a bonding time with myself in Myeongdong this afternoon while Andy was at work. At 7:30 this evening, I went to Gwanghwamun to meet him for dinner. He told me that he got something for me to try. Then he handed me this mask from Nature Republic.
My husband loves to give me little stuff to try like bb creams, masks, lotions and other cosmetics. “Just try it once and if it’s not a good product, drop it! Well, at least you’ll know which one is better.” That’s his line. LOL.
So what’s with this mask? It says in the package that it is formulated with snake venom peptide, retinol and Goji berries. Andy said that the snake venom works like botox without the needles and pain. Wooot! It is presently used in anti-aging serums and creams which tend to minimize wrinkles. So with snake venom, we can now declare war on our wrinkles and fine lines! Hehehe!
Now, lemme try! ^_^
Please excuse my ugly face. Wahehehe!
How to use:
1. Wash your face and apply some toner.
2. After opening the product, remove the film.
3. Place the mask on your face matching it with the eye and mouth areas, then gently
   press. (Place the lower part of the mask on first, then the upper part.)
4. Remove the mask after 30 minutes and gently pat the remaining solution on the skin
    to enhance absorption.
The mask is divided into two parts: for the upper and lower part of the face. It’s good since it adjusts to different facial shapes but I still prefer 1-piece mask. Since it’s in gel form, the mask moves downward when you are in upright position. It’s better to lie down.^.^
Andy made me try the snail therapy and now the snake venom. I wonder what’s next. Hehehe!Thank you for visiting, guys! Have a wonderful day! ^_^
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