Korean Karaoke Room: Noraebang (노래방)

Do you like singing? Well, I do! I’m not a good singer but I love to sing. It’s my way of relieving stress, expressing unspoken words and emotions. LOL. Singing in public is one of the things that a lot of Koreans don’t like doing. So they sing their hearts out in the noraebang.
Noraebang (노래방) literally means ‘song room’. Norae (노래)is the Korean term for ‘song’. And bang (방) is the term for ‘room’. There are also other alternative terms like Norae yeonseupjang (노래연습장) and Norae yeonseupshil (노래연습실). They all mean the same. ^_^
Last Sunday, Andy and I went to History001, a noraebang near Konkuk University.
History001 Details:
Address: 서울 광진구 화양동 7-12
              (7-12 Hwayang dong, Gwangjin-gu, Seoul)
Phone number: 02-466-0285
Day time rate (Before 7PM): 10,000 – 20,000 won per hour depending on the room size
Night time rate: 20,000 – 30,0000 won per hour depending on the room size
How to get there:
*By subway: 2호선 건대입구 2번출구 (line 2- green line), Konkuk univ. station, exit # 2
*By bus: 721, 240A, 2222, 3220, 4212, 3217, 2225 ( perhaps there are more)

6 thoughts on “Korean Karaoke Room: Noraebang (노래방)

  1. as in libre ang ice cream?hala ka nice
    naremember nako ang song na gikanta sa imong bana..mao pd ng fave kantahon sa mga korean studs na akong nailhan haha


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