Kimchi Museum (김치 박물관)

Kimchi Museum was built to study the culture of Kimchi, a staple food in Korea. The visitors will learn about the history of Kimchi, different types of Kimchi, Kimchi-making processes, the efficacy derived from the Kimchi fermentation process and many more Kimchi-related information.
Admission fee:
Ages 20 and over: 3,000 won
Ages 8 – 19: 2,000 won
Ages 7 and under: 1,000 won
How to go there:
Seoul Subway Line 2, Samseong Station, Exit #6, connected to COEX Mall.
Walk through the mall towards COEX Aquarium and MegaBox Movie Theater, then take the escalator next to the ASEM Pharmacy down to the second basement level.
*Click to enlarge photos*
Kimchi refrigerator
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