Cheongnyangni Market (청량리 시장)

I made my first visit to Cheongnyangni Market (Hangul: 청량리 시장/ Cheongnyangni Shijang) and I found it extremely interesting. It was so busy and crowded. The market has several large sections that sell meat, fish, vegetables, dried fruits, clothing, and other stuff. Just like Namdaemun Market, it was bustling with customers. However almost all the customers there were local residents from different areas of the city. Therefore, I never heard English  or any foreign language being used.

My dear Andy at Cheongnyangni 🙂

Dried herbs

Panchan (side dishes) store

Dried persimmons, ginseng, nuts

One of the most interesting things that I found at Cheongnyangni Market was that several stores were selling dog meat. My husband told me that Korea has a long tradition of enjoying dog meat. Nowadays it’s not easy to find restaurants or supermarkets in downtown Seoul that offer dog meat. However in Cheongnyangni, you can easily find that this tradition is still preserved.

Gae-gogi: Gae=dog, gogi=meat

It was a great day at Cheongnyangni. I had fun taking photos of the stuff being sold there. That’s all for now. Goodbye everyone! Mwah!

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